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Belgium’s Premium Sex Doll House

Welcome to Belgium's Premium Sex Doll House that offers a number of new Dolls for sale at absolute rock bottom prices. !!!NO MORE RENTING - ONLY SALE!!!

Discreetly located in the northern edge around Brussels, we are easily accessible, have a spacious parking and a reception room where you can collect your Doll in all discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Doll?

    Our Dolls are made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomere), a kind of silicone with a metal skeleton inside to place the Doll in all the possible positions of a real woman. Our Dolls are velvety soft, feel almost lifelike and are high-end quality. They are available in different sizes and skin-colors.

  • How safe and hygienic is a Doll?

    TPE is water-resistant and hypoallergenic so that our Dolls raise no or few allergic reactions.

  • What are the posibilities of a Doll?

    Each Doll has 3 usable openings: oral (13 cm), anal (16 cm) and vaginal (18 cm). A Doll can take almost any position of a real woman, allowing you to let your imagination run free.

  • Are there multiple photos per Doll to view?

    If you click on the photo of the Doll you will see several photos.

  • Can I assemble my Doll myself?

    Yes, that's possible. You choose a certain body type and from there you can further assemble your Doll as desired. See the options, heads and wigs or contact us.


NEW!!! Assemble your Doll yourself!SEE Options, Heads and Wigs.
All our models are for sale as shown on the pictures. Options available. Please contact us.
Extra head200,00€
Extra wig75,00€
Extra pair of eyes50,00€
Pubic hair50,00€
Extra penis 13 cm, 16 cm or 19 cm75,00€
Option standing feet75,00€
DeliveryPrice upon request.

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